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Strahan Ripa: Better than Heavyweight BoxingLet’s meet the contestants. In this corner, Michael Anthony Strahan, born November 21, 1971, retired defensive end who played his entire 15 year career with the NFL’s New York Giants. Strahan helped the New York Giants to win a Super Bowl in his final season in 2007.

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Seattle Seahawks (7 3 1) OK. It was a bad loss. They were held out of the end zone for the third time this season and are 0 2 1 in those games. Although global sales so far this year were relatively flat, international revenue showed promising potential, averaging double digit gains; the most prominent market was Asia with a 30% accelerated growth in Q3’14. Both Wrangler and Lee reported meaningful increase in the region and profitability continues to improve as the brands become better positioned. Lastly, the coalition has done well controlling expenses in a tough environment.

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